Automatic progression

Automatic progression

Automatic Progression – from green topics headings

When choosing a topic, if you select a green sub-heading you are offered the Automatic Progression mode of working. It can serve as a fast track or as revision.

It automatically moves the student through each topic in turn from under that heading every 4th game. It ensures at least one game in 4 is totally relevant to the current topic.

If several mistakes are made in a particular topic, extra practice will be given in that topic. 

You can choose ‘Automatic Progression’ as the pupil or a teacher can choose it as set work:

To choose 'Automatic Progression' as a pupil

  1.  Sign into the program as the user
  2. Select ‘Change topic’ from the bottom right of the screen

  1. Choose the required course from the left hand side
  1. From the middle section, choose the topic then select the green heading for the lists you wish to work through
  1. Click on the ‘Use Automatic Progression’ in the green box on the bottom right of the screen

  1. The program will return to the games screen and the Automatic Progression will show in the topic list on the right hand side


To give ‘Automatic Progression’ as set work:

  1. Sign into the program as the administrator
  1. Select ‘Admin’ from the top menu bar
  1. Choose ‘Add and manage students and staff’

  1. Click on the required student to open up their set work panel on the right hand side
  1. Select ‘Set work (standard)’ and ‘Create New’

  1. Your student should pre-populate the student section at the top
  1. The ‘Select TOPIC(s)’ section should be highlighted in green and the course section at the top of the middle section should be visible

  1. Choose the required course to open up the individual topic lists in the panel below

  1. Drag and drop the green heading of your choice into the ‘Select TOPIC(S) box (make sure the cursor remains in the box)

  1. When prompted choose ‘Automatic Progression’ (the individual lists will show all the lists in the topic. It will allow the pupil to move between them freely, not in an automatic program)

  1. The Topics box will now show the heading chosen and in 'Automatic Progression' mode

  1. Click OK, bottom left, to assign the work to the pupil
  1. You will be taken back to the main administration screen where the set work will show for the pupil as the date and time it was set - in this example 'Joy'

  1. Click ‘Exit’ bottom right to exit this screen

When the pupil logs in they will see the ‘Automatic Progression’ work:

If they click on ‘Change topic’ they will only see this listed:

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