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            To change to a new number topic, select 'Change topic' (bottom right) to switch to the main screen for choosing topics.

            Remember to use the "Search" facility in the main menu if you are looking for a specific number or topic.

            Numbershark Topics:

            1. Counting and sequencing:  Graded counting and sequencing topics ranging from counting in 1s through to counting and ordering numbers into the millions.

            1. Addition:  Graded topics from adds with answers to 5 through to formal written methods for adding 5 digit numbers.

            1. Subtraction:  Graded topics ranging from subtracting single digits through to formal written methods for subtracting 5 digit numbers.

            1. Multiplication: Graded approach to multiplication tables, through to formal written methods for long multiplication.

            1. Division: Graded division topics ranging from dividing small numbers by 2 through to three-digit long division.

            1. Mixed operations:  Graded topics according to size of numbers involved, mostly presenting addition together with subtraction, and multiplication with division.

            1. Special topics:  Topics addressing specific skills in mental arithmetic, including use of place value. They are also found dispersed under other blue headings but brought together under this one.

            1. Negative numbers:  An introduction to negative whole numbers, dealing with +10 through zero to -10.

            1. Fractions:   Graded topics introducing different fractions, equivalence, improper fractions and mixed numbers. Graded addition, subtraction and multiplication of fractions follow on, and simple examples of division.

            1. Decimals (inc. units of measure):  Graded topics introducing numbers with up to 3 decimal places. Graded addition, subtraction and multiplication follow on, and simple examples of division. Money and measures are presented separately.

            1. Percentages:  Common percentages and their equivalent fractions and decimals, and the calculation of simple percentages of whole numbers.

            1. Worded problems:  Graded sets of arithmetic problems and real-life problems (all recorded). Set 1 corresponds to Year 1 (aged 5-6) in the English National Curriculum 2014 and so on.

            1. Nat. Curriculum 2014 England: numeracy KS1-2:   A graded course supporting number topics for each KS1 and KS2 year group - matched to the English National Curriculum 2014. Set 1 for Year 1 (aged 5-6) and so on. 

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