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            FOR SCHOOLS – educational tips

            Learning concepts

            Learning number bonds, tables and formal written methods need a sound conceptual base.

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            Shared play:

            Two students can play collaboratively together - click here to learn more. 

            Maintaining progress:

            When left unsupervised, some students could make little gains from the program because they may revert to a very simple topic and/or play their favourite game(s) repetitively. Check that the topics and games that they are playing are relevant. Also, by viewing their records, you can check they are playing each game all the way through. We suggest when a student is down to only 1 error in a topic– move to the next. If the next topic is really too easy – miss it out.


            Revision is available two ways:
            1. Once a student has completed a block of topics under a green heading, select the green heading itself, for Automatic Progression. The program will automatically move through all the topics under this heading. Any repeated errors will result in extra practice in the relevant topic(s).                                                                                                                                                              
            2. Use lists with the word General in the title e.g. General addition with answers to 20, or with Mixed in the title e.g. Mixed tables to 12.

            Updated: 26 Mar 2019 10:00 PM
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