Numbershark 5

            FOR SCHOOLS – Add & Manage Students and Staff


            To add students sign in to Numbershark as an Admin user.  You can then create student profiles by going to Admin / Add and manage students and staff.

            Here you can arrange students into groups/classes, assign work to students, rename/delete existing students, view student records and change passwords.

            Learn more on the following sections PDF 

            Adding staff and students  (includes instructions on becoming a Numbershark administrator, adding teachers and other administrators, bulk import of student names and adding individual students)

            Automatic sign on  (this option allows users to log into Numbershark automatically without needing to type their name)

            Collecting students - creating groups  (once students have been added to the system, they can be shared by more than one Numbershark Administrator or Teacher in order to set work and/or to view progress)

            Removing users - editing user details (describes how to remove students from your list or from Numbershark and how to edit user details)

            Universal settings  (affect the whole program so it is worthwhile exploring the possible changes you can make)

            Redundant students - bulk removing - archiving - retrieving  (remove or archive any students that have not used Numbershark for some time, particularly useful when large numbers of students leave a school)

            Moving files between computers  (exporting or importing V5 user files to or from another computer/USB with V5)

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            Updated: 01 Apr 2019 07:03 PM
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