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            National Curriculum in Numbershark

            The Numbershark course National Curriculum 2014 England: numeracy KS1-2 supports the numeracy work for KS1 and KS2.


            Year 1 - (age 5 to 6)
            The topics, with recommended games, address the properties of numbers up to 20, and simple operations using these; the understanding of place value, using numbers to 100; counting, in different amounts; the concept of fractions, starting with a half and a quarter.

            Year 2 - (age 6 to 7)
            The topics, with recommended games, build on the work in Year 1, extending the numbers used.


            Years 3 to 6 - (age 7 to 11)
            involve: mental and written methods for addition and subtraction, with increasingly big numbers; a mastery of table facts, to x12; division facts, relating to table facts; basic use of fractions and decimals; simple percentages; negative numbers, to -10; formal written methods for long multiplication and division.
            The variety of games addresses the different aspects of the 4 operations and the mental methods that are useful.
            Worded problems put the above into an everyday context of what might be met in the real world, and practise maths vocabulary.


            Years 7 to 9 - (age 11 to 14)
            Revision - Although the Numbershark National Curriculum course stops at KS2, its content is a foundation for all KS3 work, and will be appropriate as revision. 

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