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            Setting work for students


            It is easy to set topics and games for a student or a group of students: Go to Admin. Click on Add and manage students and staff. Click on the student/group for whom you want to set work.

            When you have saved the set work the next time your student signs in to Numbershark the set work is ready to use.
            More than one teacher can set work for the same student
            1. Setting work for students - standard (default)
            1. Setting work - in ordered steps (create a mini program for students to work through)   
            1. Enforcing set work, excluding games etc.  (ensure your student accesses only set work, block specific games or reward games for all students)
            2. Viewing the work set, editing, removing, re-using  (you can get an overview of all set work for all students, edit/remove set work assignments and re-use pieces of previously set work for different students)

            Watch a video:

            Updated: 26 Mar 2019 08:06 PM
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